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Wooden Church

Wooden Church

A church existed in this site since 1698; but it was made of wood, therefore it frequently burnt down.

The original of the present church, designed by Bálint Szeghalmy, built in 1938 had the same destiny; the today’s church was built with national collaboration. The reformers had their feretory, later their church in the cemetery of Tetemvár already from the 17th century. Wooden church was built in 1724 and 1781 and then the cruciform building was completed by 1874, which was the direct predecessor of the present one.

Because of its impairment a tender was published for the building of a new church, the winner was Bálint Szeghalmi, First Engineer of Miskolc at that time. The Wooden Church was built in 1938 on the basis of his designs.

The designer’s origin from Transylvania and his relationship with Károly Kós architect was dominant at the planning of the building featuring the elements of the Hungarian secession. The appearance of the galleried tower and turret, reminding of log wall of high-arch, shingled roof structure evokes memories from Transylvania. Its one-naved interior with back loft and its distinct furnishing were made parallel with the building. The view of the building was completed by the traditional Transylvanian gate at the foot of the cemetery hill.

The Wooden Church was set on fire in December 1997, it completely burnt down. A national collection was organized for its restoration, enabling that the church was rebuilt in its original form by April 1999.


Wooden Church

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