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Sports fans

Sportos Miskolc - Juhász Ákos fotója

Miskolc welcomes fans of active recreation with countless sports opportunities. The city houses a number of swimming pools and sports fields, and also offers the opportunity to practice extreme sports such as wall climbing, BMX, roller skate and skateboard track in the Factory Arena.

Ice skating fans can use the ice rink of the Miskolc City Leisure Centre during the winter season.

Owing to the location of the city, the proximity of the Bükk Mountains, hiking, spelunking and rock climbing are popular activities among residents and visitors. More detailed information is available in our offer for Nature lovers.
Boating, paddle boating are offered in Lillafüred on Lake Hámori and in Miskolctapolca on the Boating Lake.

Sailing can be tried out on the site of the Miskolc-Mályi Sailing Sports Club on Lake Mályi, barely 5 km away from the southern border of Miskolc.
Those interested in line-fishing can enjoy practicing their passion in the streams, rivers and mining lakes around the city. Miskolc is the seat of the North Hungary Line-fishing Association. Visitors can find detailed list of waters, where line-fishing is allowed on their web page.

During the winter months the environs of Miskolc offer the possibility of skiing: Bánkút, located 20 km from the city in the Bükk Mountains is one of the best known and best equipped ski centres in the country. On the slopes of Borovnyák-tető (945 m) and Bálvány-csúcs (956 m) 7 ski slopes of varying difficulty (blue, black) and a sled track with ski lift are operated. The longest ski run reaches 1,500 m with an elevation drop of 230 m. The ski runs are well-maintained, equipped with illumination and snow cannons. Different types of accommodation are available at the ski resort and its vicinity.

Visitors can find detailed information about the Bánkút Ski Club on their website www.bankut.hu, by calling (+36) 46/390-135 or request further information by contacting bankut@bankut.hu e-mail address.