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Fotó: Csépányi-Fürjes László

There are many couples among tourists arriving in Miskolc that wish to discover hand in hand the side of the city that is “visible only for the lovers”.

Hotels attract guests with “romance package offers” and honeymoon suites, while among the restaurant offers guests can find expressly “kissing” delights and wedding menus.
Lillafüred has a milieu inviting for rendezvous. It has long been like that and will be like that, since the harmony emanated by undisturbed nature permeates the crystal clear Bükk air, which has a peculiar effect on everyone.

In the wine cellars located on the Avas Hill in the town centre, couples can taste their favourite wines by candlelight, in original settings. Later they can go on with the romance on the Szinva terrace established along the downtown section of the Szinva Brook. Benches inviting for a kiss and a fabled bridge awaits lovers, where hundreds of padlocks demonstrate the eternality of the most beautiful feeling.

The University of Miskolc is an ideal environment for the young generation to make new acquaintances, and not only in the scope of sciences. Many units of the University – located in well-maintained, beautiful natural surroundings – offer the possibility of decent entertainment and meeting new people. The two major events are the Miskolc University Days (MEN) and RocktoberFest.

Not far from the University, the Cave Bath**** in Miskolctapolca offers its highly appealing services, among which lovers can find many that would fit them. In the natural cave chambers, such as the Star Hall or the Roman Hall, every moment of bathing is a true romantic experience.

During weekends, interested visitors can take part in sauna sitting with the direction of professional sauna masters. The experiences of bathing at night during the summer also give unforgettable memories. The „Édeskettesben” (“Just the two of us”) offer of Cave Aquatherapy indulges couples with a new service. Couples receiving mud-pack and body massage can enjoy each other’s company with a cocktail in their hand.
The love of couples arriving to our city will grow stronger until the end of their stay not only for each other, but they usually fall in love with Miskolc as well. See it for yourself – “just the two of you”!