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It is worth visiting Miskolc anytime during the year and spending a long weekend or even a week in the city and its environs.

The city offers a variety of activities, time for refreshing for each member of the family, all year round: versatile cultural, sports, entertainment opportunities and those offered by the surrounding nature, individual leisure offers. Here are some of these, just for the taste of it:
The history of Miskolc is intertwined by a number of legends about the angry smith, the skilful carpenter, the wealthy merchant, the invisible fiddler, the half-witted peasant, and so on. If you would not like only to read and listen to tales, but also look at them, you should definitely visit one of the performances of Csodamalom (Magic Mill) Puppet Theatre.

Mancs, the once nationwide famous rescue dog rescued people from under the debris at many places of the world. The sculpture, erected while the animal was still alive, can be found at the downtown crossing called “Villanyrendőr” (Traffic Lights).

Miskolc is not only the home of animals in the tales! Nearly 700 animals of 130 species inhabit in the beautiful woodland of the Miskolc Zoo and Cultural Park, where the everyday life of the animals can be followed from the viaduct and lookout spots. In case you are interested in the process of photosynthesis, a 3D model helps you to get an insight. From autumn 2011 a study path can be visited in the Zoo that evokes “Bulámbuk”, a tale by Albert Wass.

The Lillafüred memorial house of Ottó Herman, polyhistor, once living in the city, brings nature closer not only to youngsters, but to adults as well. The exhibition building of the museum named after him, located in the city centre in the Papszer district houses crafts workshops and playhouses during the weekends.

If you get hungry, you are welcome by the Trout farm in Lillafüred, where fish are caught and tasteful meals are prepared right in front of our eyes.
The family friendly hotels and restaurants of Miskolc are equipped with tools that make all parts of the holiday enjoyable even for the smallest. A number of hotels offer child care.
The Adventure Park and the Bobsleigh track in Miskolctapolca await kids wishing to prove their courage and their parents year-round. In summer, the family cannot only enjoy the pleasure of bathing together in the covered pools of a Cave bath , but also gain joyful experiences in the outdoor children’s pool, the Lake Bath and the Shell pool.

Bükkszentkereszt and Bánkút are the places for winter sports, children’s favourite due to the unforgettable memories of sleigh-riding, horse-drawn sleigh riding and skiing. Ice-skating is not allowed on the surface of Lake Hámori, located across Hotel Palota in Lillafüred, for this purpose the skating rink belonging to the Miskolc City Leisure Centre can be used.