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Miskolc - légifotó

Under the menu item Sights you can get useful information about the sights of the city.

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József Lévay lived and died in the late baroque dwelling house built at the end of the 18th century, his memorial plaque can be seen in the middle projection of the street façade.

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Lévay-Memorial Plaque

The red marble memorial plaque visible on the one-time dwelling house of the poet József Lévay was placed by the József Lévay Society for Public Education on 18th December 1932.

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Liberation Memorial

The bronze Liberation Memorial created by József Somogyi was erected on the "Heroes" Square in 1976, subsequent to the system change it was relocated to the square in the Vörösmarty housing complex.

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Lillafüred Waterfall

Lillafüred Waterfall

The 20m high waterfall of the Szinva Brook can be viewed from the hanging garden of Hotel Palota.

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Lutheran Chaplaincy

The building of the ministry was finished in 1847 near to the Lutheran Church in the Luther Court.

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Lutheran Church of Diósgyőr

The Lutheran Church of Diósgyőr was consecrated in 1902. The 41 metre high eclectic tower is equipped with three bells.

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MAB-Office Building, Academic Committee of Miskolc

The office building is not a monument; however from the aspect of the townscape it has a great importance. It was built in eclectic style on the basis of the designs of Károly Könyöki and József Tamási. The office building originally built for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry was handed over on 29th November 1896.

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Memorial Plaque of Attila József

Attila József wrote his poem „Ode”, considered being one of the greatest love poems of Hungarian poetry in 1933 in Lillafüred, during the writers’ meeting.

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Memorial plaque of Gábor Dayka

The memorial plaque was erected on 17th October 1969 upon the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the poet Gábor Dayka (1769-1796) on the wall of the Ferenc Földes Gymnasium.

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Memorial Plaque of Kölcsey

The memorial plaque of Ferenc Kölcsey was inaugurated on 22nd January 1997 - the day of the Hungarian Culture - on the house, in which he lived in 1830 for a while according to tradition.

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