színházak, társulatok

Theatre performances in summer

The summer theatre plays are inseparable parts of the cultural life of Miskolc in summer. On the Acropolis Open-air Stage of Miskolctapolca audience may see the most demanding domestic boulevard productions, while the Castle Theatre of Diósgyőr brings the most successful performances of the Hungarian theatres beyond the border into the romantic castle walls.

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Csodamalom Bábszínház (Magic Mill Puppet Theatre)

The Magic Mill Puppet Theatre of Miskolc, founded in 1986, operates as a manifold children’s centre in the heart of the city centre, under Kossuth Street 11.

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Amateur ensembles

Besides professional actors, the amateur actors enriched the theatrical life of the city by their individual features in each era. Besides the worker actors of the ironworks, the actors of Pereces could take pride in their significant productions; their open-air stage was lately reconstructed.

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National Theatre of Miskolc

By this day the oldest art institution of the city, the National Theatre of Miskolc has become one of the state-of-the-art art complexes of Central Europe with its 5 playing sites (Great Theatre (Nagyszínház), Chamber Theatre (Kamaraszínház), Stage (Játékszín), Summer Theatre (Nyári Színház), Hall (Csarnok)). The attraction of the theatre having individual features and performing productions of various types of art is verified by the high number of spectators.

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