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Az egyéb gyűjtemények menüpont alatt Miskolci gyűjteményekről, kiállításokról tájékozódhat.

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A Galériák menüpontban a Miskolcon található képzőművészeti kiállítóhelyekről és galériákról tájékozódhat.

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Local history


The history of this marvelous city shows its importance and magnificence although the centuries, and also serves as the basis for the distinctive and exceptionally rich cultural and historical life.

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Repeated great events

Events of music, theatre, fine arts and literature offer sophisticated relaxation to people visiting Miskolc in every month of the year. Two internationally recognized festivals, the „Bartók + …” International Opera Festival of Miskolc and the Jameson CineFest International Film Festival of Miskolc, gained national and international fame by their uniqueness and particularity.

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In the scope of cinematic art Miskolc can take proud in remarkable national past and present attracting international attention.

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Theatres, acting companies

Acting in Miskolc has been already from the beginning an organic part of the more than two hundred-year-old history of our national dramatic art.

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