Administrative centre

Numerous administratively significant county and regional institutions and offices are located in Miskolc.

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Cultural centre

As a large city of regional importance Miskolc has a leading role also in the scope of culture.
From cultural aspect the National Theatre of Miskolc, operating more playing sites, is a determinant institution, being the oldest stone theatre in the territory of the present day Hungary, which played performances in Hungarian language first.

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Economic centre

Due to its size and location Miskolc has a determinant role in the economy of the region. Since the 1960s the heavy industry has been the dominant branch; however its role and significance is decreasing from the 1990s.

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Regional centre

Miskolc is the seat of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County. As the most populated city of the largest county of the North-Hungarian Region it plays a central role in the administration, economic and cultural life of the region.

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