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The management of Miskolc city is committed to ensure an investor-friendly environment.

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316,000 people are living in Miskolc and in its agglomeration. The rate of unemployment in the region is 16%. Number of the registered unemployed: ~ 20,000 persons.

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City holding

Miskolc Holding Zrt. has an important role in boosting the local economy; it attracts investors to Miskolc. Yet this is only one – however very important – role of it. At the member enterprises of Miskolc Holding Zrt. the continuous development of the service segment, the provision of client- and inhabitant-friendly services is also of key importance.

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Miskolc is located in the attraction zone of three countries. Slovakia and Ukraine can be found in a distance of 70 kilometres and 100 kilometres respectively, whereas Romania is situated in a distance of 140 kilometres. Budapest, the capital of Hungary, located from Miskolc at a distance of 180 kilometres can be reached within less than 1.5 hours.

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Facts and data

Miskolc is the administrative, economic, scientific, educational and cultural centre of the North-Hungarian Region.

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