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Nature awareness

In Miskolc education to nature awareness takes places already in several kindergartens and schools, thus adjusting to the requirements of the 21st century. In the areas of private houses and those built-in by block-houses common working in the family, good examples are the most characteristic and significant educating tasks.

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City walkways

In the City Centre of Miskolc the only area covered by a larger green surface is the Népkert, where walkways, resting benches, play-grounds can be found.

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In the territory of Miskolc city the size of green spaces managed by the Municipality makes 3 million square metres; their substantial part is located in the area of the housing complexes.

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City and nature

Miskolc has been a member of the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives since 1992 – the organization supports the activity of local governments committed to sustainable development.

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Under the menu item Environment we collected the most important information related to the environment and environmental protection of Miskolc as well as to the relation between city and nature.

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