Miskolctapolca és környéke

Bald Cypress

Specimens of the rare bald cypress tree can be found in Miskolc in two locations, in front of Hotel Juno in Miskolctapolca and in Szathmáry Király Pál Street.

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Miskolctapolca Park System

Miskolctapolca Park System

The park area is home of dendrological (wooded plant) rarities, exotic and domestic species. The park embracing the Boat lake is a popular walking and recreational area.

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The centre of the 12-hectare Kisköves is an open Diantho–Seslerietum surrounded by downy oaks, karst shrub forest and hornbeam-oak forest. Its meadow-steppes are vegetated by three-toothed orchid, spring pheasant's eye, Slovak penny-cress, wild sunflower and squarrose knapweed.

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Kemény Dénes Municipal Swimming Pool

The European-level facility, suitable for organising international competitions, was built in the proximity of the University of Miskolc, by the road to Miskolctapolca.

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Adventure Park

The Adventure Park set up in the proximity of the playground located in the park of Miskolctapolca currently holds 26 courses, one blue (easier) and a red (more difficult) track system.

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Bobsleigh run

Bobsleigh run

The Miskolctapolca bobsleigh run, operating in all seasons, opened its gates in 2007.

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Cave Bath ****

Cave Bath ****

The cave bath in Miskolctapolca, unique in Europe with its thermal karst water was known as a popular bathing resort of Benedictine monks from the 16th century.

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