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Exhibition Building of Ottó Herman Museum

Exhibition Building of Ottó Herman Museum

The one-time school of the reformed church, located at the foot of Avas, originating from the 15th century houses the exhibitions of Ottó Herman Museum.

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Greek Orthodox Church

Greek Orthodox Church

The church, built between 1785 and 1806 in braid style, is the largest and most beautiful Orthodox church of Central Europe.

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Greek Trading House

The one-storey dwelling house, remaining in its original state, was built at the end of the 18th century.

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Liberation Memorial

The bronze Liberation Memorial created by József Somogyi was erected on the "Heroes" Square in 1976, subsequent to the system change it was relocated to the square in the Vörösmarty housing complex.

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Lutheran Chaplaincy

The building of the ministry was finished in 1847 near to the Lutheran Church in the Luther Court.

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Wooden Church

Wooden Church

A church existed in this site since 1698; but it was made of wood, therefore it frequently burnt down.

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Statue of Actress Déryné

Statue of Actress Déryné

The statue of Déryné, Róza Széppataki (1793-1872), the legendary actress, - who lived from 1867 until her pass away in Miskolc – was erected in front of the stage door of the theatre. The full-length portrait is the masterpiece of Erzsébet Schaár.

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Tomb of Actress Déryné

The actress Déryné, Róza Széppataki was entombed on 1st October 1872 in the Saint Ann Cemetery. The simple wooden cross of the tomb was replaced in May 1882 by the obelisk carved of marble from Tyrol.

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The Dwelling House of Actress Déryné

The actress Déryné, Róza Széppataki lived during her last years in the yard section of the dwelling house built in the 19th century.

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Statue of Ferenc Deák

Statue of Ferenc Deák

The full-length portrait of the politician, jurist Ferenc Deák, inaugurated in 1925 is the work of Aladár Gárdos. Next to the main bronze figure, a female figure carved from limestone of Haraszt, symbolizing the nation, keeps a nutant flag in her hands.

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