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The Synagogue erected between 1861 and 1863 is the outstanding masterpiece of the Hungarian romantic architecture.

It was by designed by Ludwig Förster, who was among others the designer of the Synagogue in the Dohány Street of Budapest as well.

The Synagogue of Miskolc is the largest living, operating church building in the region.

The neo-Romanesque-Moresque church having its east front on the Kazinczy Street was designed by Ludwig Förster (1797-1863), Viennese architect, renowned as the designer of the Synagogue in the Dohány Street of Budapest. The building works were carried out between 1856 and 1863. The close relative of the building is the Synagogue in Vienna-Leopoldstadt, also the masterpiece of Förster.

The three-naved, basilica-type arrangement is visible also on the appearance of the building: the middle projection on the main façade closed with low bent pediment rises above the side-aisles. At the level of the lofts – except for the foursome opening above the main entrance – the walls are broken through by triple and on the side façade by twin-windows.

On the east and west main façade we see rosettes in Moorish style, ornamented with arabesques. The facades are closed by arcading surbases. The interior is divided by slim cast iron clustered columns to wider main and narrower side aisles, each covered by 3 Bohemian vaults also among iron vaults.

Among the clustered columns above the entrance hall and in the side aisles, lofts for women were established, supported by iron columns. In the interior we can see the columned, eclectic Thora holder, the hazzan’s pulpit and in the middle the bima (Thora reading table) encompassed with cast iron fence, and candelabra at the corners.

The involute, orientally ornamented wall-painting is the masterpiece of M. Horowitz. At the gate wings of the main entrance and the staircases meander, foliated neo-Romanesque armatures are visible.



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