The Sun rises over Miskolc

Miskolc belvárosa

’Thanks for letting me falling in love with Miskolc’ – so stated the meritorious artist, film director István Sas his commitment towards Miskolc.

His love is not only expressed in words but also deeds – he created the movie that depicts Miskolc in a new perspective.
The 17-minute movie counts as unique anywhere in the world, as this movie approach composed of three screens is one of a kind not only in Hungary but also in whole Europe.
The renowned artist invites the spectators interested in the work for an unusual walk. The virtual walk is convincing, helping Miskolc show its totally new aspect. The fascinating pictorial space, the text created eloquently and the involving musical buildup makes the belief stronger that Miskolc is a city we have to listen to!

Kapcsolódó videók: