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Roman Catholic Church (name of Virgin Mary)

The church consecrated to the honour of the name of Virgin Mary is of medieval, Gothic origin, but its today’s form is baroque, this rebuilding took place in 1753. Also its furnishing is baroque, but they keep a carved wooden statue of Virgin Mary from the 15th century, representing high value.

The today’s appearance of the medieval church is baroque; its external feature is the application of piers. Since 1564 the church had been used by the Reformed community; it was returned to the Catholic Church from the middle of the 18th century.

The following Hungarian translation of the Latin text can be read on the distinctly carved board of coat of arms: „The church was renewed between 1743 and 1752 from the generosity of János Almássy and László Fay. Its consecration was celebrated in 1753 by Ferenc Barkóczy, county bishop of Eger.”

The external appearance and furnishing of the church is in baroque style, its outstanding remembrance is the Statue of Virgin Mary carved of wooden in the 15th century by the Pauline order, which is about 1 metre high. On the main altar Mary can be seen with the child Jesus. Saint Stephen and Saint Ladislaus are on their knees; on both sides angel figures complete the statue complex.

Three side-altars and a pulpit belong to the church. László Vidinszky, cantor-teacher had the statue of Virgin Mary made, visible on the right side from the entrance upon the occasion of his child’s recovery.

In the church yard we can see the statue of Jesus, while on the small square besides the building the famous Immaculata (Immaculate Conception) statue of Diósgyőr is visible.


Roman Catholic Church (name of Virgin Mary)

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Puskás Tivadar utca 1.
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