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Miskolc - légifotó

Under the menu item Sights you can get useful information about the sights of the city.

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Adventure Park

The Adventure Park set up in the proximity of the playground located in the park of Miskolctapolca currently holds 26 courses, one blue (easier) and a red (more difficult) track system.

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Almássy Curia

Almássy Curia

The dwelling-house of baroque origin was built by the Almássy family in the second half of the 18th century. The main façade on the street front was transformed in the 19th century in romantic style. In 1993 the street face was restored.

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The Anna Cave located below the hanging garden of Hotel Palota in Lillafüred is of peculiar natural value being one of the world’s three calc-tuff caves open to the public. Most of the cavities of the cave were discovered in 1833 with the direction of miner András Stark, when searching for affluent water sources for the local iron works.

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Apartments, Offices - Hunyadi Street 10

The individual fragments of the romantic eclectic dwelling house built around 1860 originate presumably from the end of the 18th century.

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Aranykasza (Golden Scythe) Business Centre

The building in late classicistic style was erected about 1830, the Aranykasza (Golden Scythe) ironmongery functioned here originally – that is why the designation.

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Avas Bell Tower

Avas Bell Tower

The bell tower, built in 1577 in the place of the Saint Michael Cemetery Chapel perished in 1554, is one of the symbols of the city of Miskolc: also the well-known chiming rings from here.

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Avas Reformed Church

Avas Reformed Church

Above the city centre of Miskolc, on the side of Avas Hill the parish-church named Saint Stephen existed already in the 14th century, which was extended in 1411. Only fragments remained of the building – such as the ruin of the western tower, since the church was radically rebuilt around 1480.

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Báji-Patay-House, Catholic Boarding-school

Báji-Patay-House, Catholic Boarding-school

The Báji-Patay-House of baroque origin was reconstructed in classicistic and eclectic style in the 19th century. The Boarding-school of the Catholic Gymnasium can be found in the building, which was erected by Vencel Klier builder.

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Bald Cypress

Specimens of the rare bald cypress tree can be found in Miskolc in two locations, in front of Hotel Juno in Miskolctapolca and in Szathmáry Király Pál Street.

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Bobsleigh run

Bobsleigh run

The Miskolctapolca bobsleigh run, operating in all seasons, opened its gates in 2007.

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