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Mindszent Church

Mindszent Church

The compelling baroque church of excellent proportions was built between 1728 and 1743; the completion of its towers took more than a century, they were finished in 1864. Its rich gold-plated, richly carved furnishing originates from the 18th century.

The building of the church was started in 1728 in baroque style, in the place of the mediaeval All Saints’ Chapel standing on the lands of the one-time Abbey of Tapolca located here, by the initiation of Mihály Althan, the bishop of Vác and abbot of Tapolca; his successor, Sándor Máriássy had it completed in 1744.

The time of the building and the names of the builders are indicated on the chronosticon above the main entrance. The upper parts of the towers were built in 1864 in eclectic style.

The narrower chancel with semicircular closure is connected to the nave of the one-naved baroque church with rectangular layout. On both sides of the chancel sacristy oratory buildings are located. The slightly projecting middle part of the main façade, encompassed by the tower and the constructions is bordered by pilaster pairs standing on high foot, decorated with cherubs on composite column caps.

In the middle axis the stone framed entrance encompassed by columns expects the visitors. The angel statues sitting on the hood mould straddle the blazon of the builders. Above the entrance at the height of the loft there is a large violin-shaped window. In each side part under the tower, above we find a window with louvre, apron and semicircular closure, under them, above the foot surbase there are two niches with the large statues of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, standing on base. In the upper middle part of the façade there is an Immaculata (Immaculate Virgin Mary) statue. The statues of Saint Stephen and Saint Ladislaus stand at the two edges of the middle part.

The two-vaulted nave is covered by Bohemian vaults. The area of the chancel, which is narrower than the nave, is covered by a Bohemian vault; its bent closure is covered radiately by three vaults separated by brace arches. On the main altar there is a large ciborium with changeable plastic (Resurgent Christ, Agnus Dei). On its crown we see the crucifix with beam of rays. The altar retable is a huge drapery held by angels, with baldachin on its top. In the front of the drapery in the multiply folded bent frame the painting of Mihály Kovács is visible; it was created in1855, depicting Peter and Paul Apostles. The wood-carving works were made by Georg Michael Singer, an artificer from Eger, in 1748.

On the epistie side of the chancel there is a rococo side-altar with a Madonna painting, protecting from plague (about 1750). In the nave four side-altars can be seen with the painting of Mihály Kovács (1833). All wood-carving works were made by artificer Singer mentioned above, in 1748. Besides the triumphal arch we can see the pulpit of rich plastic on the left side, the baptistery (1752) on the right side, and carved rococo oak benches in the nave.


Mindszent Church

(+36) 46/411-777
Mindszent tér 8.
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