Cycle paths

One of the basic transport development objectives of Miskolc is the relative reduction of passenger car transport: to direct people using cars to use community transport and bicycles in the largest possible number.

The aim and task of constructing cycle paths (already existing, in progress and planned cycle paths) is thus to develop the planned cycle path routes into a continuous and safe cycling network consisting of making existing surfaces built for cars or pedestrians cycle-friendly by using low-cost traffic engineering tools.
The elements of the city’s cycle path network beside separate cycle paths:

  • Bike lane
  • Bike lane marked in traffic lane
  • Segregated pedestrian and cycle route
  • Shared pedestrian and cycle route
  • Section leading through pedestrian zone in low-traffic areas
  • Section leading through low-traffic street
  • Section leading through other traffic-free zones (e.g. dam, dirt road)
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