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City and nature

Miskolc has been a member of the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives since 1992 – the organization supports the activity of local governments committed to sustainable development.

Since 1998 Miskolc has been a member of the international movement “European Cities for Climate Protection” with the aim of reducing urban CO2 emissions. In order to implement the goals the urban air and climate protection program was elaborated. The statements, proposals of the document were integrated into the environmental program of the city.

As of 2001 the city has been a member of the Association of European Local Governments Committed to Sustainable Procurement Policy (BIGNET) as well. The goal of this organization is to make local government procurements „greener”. Environmental cooperation constantly increases in our twin city relations.

Intense co-operation with the city’s civilian organizations of environmental protection, especially with the Ecological Institute, with its Consultancy Bureau, the Green Action Union and the ÖKO-KÖR (Eco-Club) of Miskolc. In co-operation with the civilian organizations we participate in several urban actions, like Day of Earth, Day of Birds and Trees, Carfree Day.
We have developed living relationships, co-operation with the educational-training institutions, the University of Miskolc is our permanent partner as well.