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Horse Tree Alley

Horse Tree Alley

The walkway leading to the castle is lined by an atmospheric alley of old horse chestnut trees, which is declared to be protected. The crown of the 52 folding trees in total covers the road just like a dome.

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Law-tree, Turkish Hazel

According to the traditions, the two beautiful Turkish hazel trees sprang from the roots of a 60-year old log. Prior to 1848 it was a law-tree: judgements were executed here; therefore it is regarded as a monument of cultural history.

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Statue of Immaculate Conception

The statue depicting Virgin Mary originates from 1739.

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Roman Catholic Church (name of Virgin Mary)

The church consecrated to the honour of the name of Virgin Mary is of medieval, Gothic origin, but its today’s form is baroque, this rebuilding took place in 1753. Also its furnishing is baroque, but they keep a carved wooden statue of Virgin Mary from the 15th century, representing high value.

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Reformed Church, Diósgyőr

The one-naved baroque building of the Reformed Church of Diósgyőr was erected between 1769 and 1771. Its pulpit is however of braid style and was made in 1772, one year after the completion of the construction.

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Professional Collection of the Paper Industry

The collection of the Paper Works of Diósgyőr presents the paper manufacturing from the beginning till today and displays the history of the works of more than 200 years by help of tools and models. Paper moulding can be tried here as well!

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Wax Museum

The most populated wax museum of Central Europe is exhibited in the cannon-sites of the casemates of the Castle of Diósgyőr, 67 figures of six life scenes evoke the flourishing middle ages of the 14th century.

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Wine Cellar of the Pauline order

The baroque wine cellar of the 18th century can be found in Baráthegyalja in the former Száffka-grape cultivation area, near to the building complex of the Pauline order. The neighbouring plots and the wine cellar are today in private ownership.

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Ruins of the Cloister of the Pauline order

Ruins of the Cloister of the Pauline order

The outbuilding of the Pauline order was built on the ruins of the medieval cloister in the 18th century in baroque style; in the second half of the 19th century classicistic features were also added. The explored basic walls of the cloister are visible besides the forestry building of Majláth.

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Castle Bath of Diósgyőr

The Castle Bath of Diósgyőr is situated in the neighbourhood of the Castle of Diósgyőr. In the bath two pools are expecting the visitors seeking for refreshment: the water depth of the 20x25 m swimming pool is 185 cm, whereas that of the 15x10 m bathing pool is 80 cm.

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