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Hungarian Engineering and Transport Museum – Massa Museum – „Ancient Furnace”, Forge (Vasverő)


Industrial monuments such as the ancient forge can be found only in three places in Europe. Beside the ancient forge a reconstructed iron forge stands from the 18th century and the Massa Museum, displaying its history.

Henrik Fazola, master of wrought iron gates, constructed with the permission of Maria Theresa an ironworks in 1770 in the area of Ómassa, based on the mines discovered by him and the vast woodland in the area.

In 1813 his son, Frigyes Fazola planted a modern ironworks, iron foundry in Újmassa. During half a century, crude iron was produced here, which was transferred to Hámor for further processing. The foundry was finally closed in 1872.

The open air museum for industrial history stands opposite the museum building. One can find here machines and tools used in the iron industry in the 19th and 20th centuries and some pieces of the equipment used in the mine in Lyukó, finally closed in 2004.