Art and culture

A Miskolci Szimfonikus Zenekar

Under the menu item Art and culture you can obtain information about the artistic and cultural life of Miskolc.

Fine arts

Especially artists, who worked in the field of graphic arts such as Lajos Szalay, Béla Kondor, Gyula Feledy, Ernő Kunt, Zoltán Lenkey, János Pető, Ádám Würtz. Thanks to the comprehsenive and high-quality basic and secondary arts education, the number of creatives starting in Miskolc is high even today.

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Music / Dance

Under the menu item Music/Dance we collected such information, from which you can learn about the great music events of Miskolc, about the music and dance training as well as about the most important music sites and programs in Miskolc.

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Theatre / Cinema

Under the menu item Theatre, cinema you can obtain information about the theatrical life and art cinemas of the city.

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Books / Literature

Under the menu item Books and literature you can read about the publishers, libraries and periodicals of Miskolc.

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Monuments / Memorials

Under the menu item Monuments/Memorials you can receive more information about the monuments of Miskolc.

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Exhibition Halls

Under the menu item Exhibition Halls you can find more information about the exhibition halls, art-exhibitions and museums of Miskolc.

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Great music events

Even on national level Miskolc can take pride in its high-quality and diversified music life, involving both professional and amateur initiations.

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