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Miskolc - Szinvaterasz

Miskolc is situated at the edge of the Északi-Középhegység (North-Upland) in the so called Gate of Miskolc. The city is the geographical centre of the regions of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County: the Bükk Mountains, the Cserehát, the Zemplén Mountains and the edge of Alföld (Great Plain) meet here.

The climate of Miskolc

Altitude: 130 m
Air-pressure: 750,4 mm
Average annual mid-temperature: 9.7°Celsius
Average annual amount of precipitation: 576 mm
Average annual number of warm days (achieving 25°Celsius): 77 days
Average annual number of cold days (under 0°Celsius): 105 days
Average annual number of rough days (under -10°Celsius): 17 days