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Mayor’s Office

The Mayor’s Office has a determining role in the operation of the city and in the execution of the decisions of the Municipality. The Office fulfils all tasks, exercises all powers set forth by the legal provisions and delegated to the organizational units of the Office by the Mayor or by the Notary.

The Office fulfils the tasks related to the operation of the Municipality and the preparation of the state administration issues for decision and their execution.

Tasks undertaken voluntarily by the Municipality:

1. Support for the elderly
2. Support for assertion of minority rights
3. Support for first home owners
4. Operation of regional television
5. Strengthening partnerships between municipalities
6. Cultivating international relations
7. Support for healthy lifestyles of youngsters
8. Support for local sport tasks and events
9. Support for local culture
10. Improving quality of local transport
11. Combating drugs
12. Support for energy-saving programmes
13. Measures against air pollution
14. Support for culture
15. Tourism activity
16. Support for holiday for children
17. Support for regional vocational training
18. Crime prevention measures
19. Improving local public safety
20. Support for regional developments
21. Improving environmental awareness
22. Support for Geographical Information System (GIS)
23. Landscaping tasks
24. Performing tasks on equal opportunities
25. Support for urban investments
26. Support for social non-profit organizations
27. Strengthening standard of education
28. Tasks related with allergenic plants
29. Water damage relief tasks
30. Maintaining historical past
31. Protection of values of industrial history
32. Improving townscape
33. Debt management