City Hall

Mayor’s Office

The Mayor’s Office has a determining role in the operation of the city and in the execution of the decisions of the Municipality. The Office fulfils all tasks, exercises all powers set forth by the legal provisions and delegated to the organizational units of the Office by the Mayor or by the Notary.

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The city in figures

Miskolc City with County Rights is nowadays a priority city of the Region of Northern Hungary, capital of the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, and the center of the Miskolc sub-region. The sub-region comprises 6 further urban municipalities in addition to 33 villages and county towns.

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Twin cities

Twin city relationships of Miskolc serve as symbolic contracts. They provide special opportunity to exchange experience between nations, recognize common values and bridge incidental gaps. The partnership strengthens the cultural and people-to-people contacts. Our goal is to build up successful and fruitful relationships with our twin cities on the international field of cooperation.

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