Green City

Green City Hungary

Amsterdam, Milan, Miskolc. What can be common in these three cities? After 21st June 2011 already at least one common point can be found: all three cities joined the European Green City movement.

Dr. Ákos Kriza, Mayor of Miskolc and Zsolt Somorjai-Tamássy, CEO of the Hungarian Representative Organization of the European Green City Movement signed a letter of intent, according to which Miskolc would become a so-called Green City.

Among the Hungarian city leaders Dr. Ákos Kriza was the first who signed a letter of intent with For Greener Cities Non-Profit Ltd. (Zöldebb Városokért Nonprofit Kft), according to which his city would become a Green City.

According to the letter of intent Miskolc City of County Rank obliges itself to observe the basic principles of the Green City Movement, the items comprised in the Green Charta of Milan, and to apply the Green City accreditation point system in launching and implementation of all developments affecting the city.

Objectives of the cooperation:

  • re-connection of the settlement to the ecosystem, establishment of a more livable and sustainable city;
  • establishment of a sustainable, environmentally friendly environmental culture;
  • integrity;
  • interdisciplinarity.

We proceed step by step, we think in a long-term strategy.

Conceptions, plans:

  1. Szinva Brook – the ecological corridor of the city (maintenance of the watercourse, establishment of protection zone along the brook, reconstruction of the brook zone, eco-touristic developments)
  2. Avas Hill – lungs of the city centre (soil tests, rehabilitation of the vegetation, reconstruction of the historical row of wine cellars)
  3. Organic city architecture – city planning (measurement of buildings blocking the airstreams arriving from Bükk, new traffic conception, modern industrial technology)
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