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Statue of Lőrinc Szabó

Szabó Lőrinc-szoborkompozició

The sitting statue of poet Lőrinc Szabó, work of sculptor Imre Varga was inaugurated on 28th March 1988 on the square in front of Avas Grammar School.

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Memorial Plaque of Géza Pattantyús-Ábrahám

The marble plaque honouring the name giver was placed in 1985 on the wall of Géza Pattantyús-Ábrahám Primary School.

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Statue of Kálmán Kandó

Kandó Kálmán-szobor

The full-length limestone statue of Kálmán Kandó (1869-1931), mechanical engineer, pioneer of railway electrification, masterpiece of Károly Antal sculpted in 1967 stands in the square in front of the Tiszai Railway Station.

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Relief of Mór Jókai

The relief of Mór Jókai, the work of sculptor Péter Szanyi, was inaugurated in 1993 on the wall of the Jókai Mór Primary School located under Pallos Street 1 (formerly 44).

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Statue of Artúr Görgey

Statue of Artúr Görgey

The creation of Ferenc Sidló disappeared at the beginning of the 1950s during one night, but finally it became part of the museum’s collection. The portrait was placed back from there to the public square, in front the museum on Görgey Road.

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Bald Cypress

Specimens of the rare bald cypress tree can be found in Miskolc in two locations, in front of Hotel Juno in Miskolctapolca and in Szathmáry Király Pál Street.

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Miskolctapolca Park System

Miskolctapolca Park System

The park area is home of dendrological (wooded plant) rarities, exotic and domestic species. The park embracing the Boat lake is a popular walking and recreational area.

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Adventure Park

The Adventure Park set up in the proximity of the playground located in the park of Miskolctapolca currently holds 26 courses, one blue (easier) and a red (more difficult) track system.

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Szinva Valley walkway

The 4 km long trail, lined by information posts follows the natural and cultural historical values of the Szinva Valley, the Small Plateau (Kis-fennsík) and the Garadna Valley. Rest areas installed along the trail between the 7 stops are an opportunity for relaxation.

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Statue of St. Stephen, Hámor

Statue of St. Stephen, Hámor

The full-length whitestone portrait statue was erected in 1938 for the 900th anniversary of St. Stephen’s death. Sculptor Dezső Borsodi Bindász depicted Hungary’s first king with the symbols of power (crown, sceptre, mantle, pome).

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