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Bald Cypress

Specimens of the rare bald cypress tree can be found in Miskolc in two locations, in front of Hotel Juno in Miskolctapolca and in Szathmáry Király Pál Street.

The tree species growing on the wetlands of the Atlantic coast of North America once populated Europe in large quantities in the Tertiary period. The body of the Oligocene coals in the Carpathians is made mostly of this species.

Peculiar features of the large, deciduous tree with thin red-brown bark are the aerial roots rising above the ground. Its cones of diameter 2-3.5 cm have 10-12 scales. During maturation they are held together by the rosin segregated on their inner surface.

Despite its origin, the bald cypress bears eastern European winters without damages, which is supported by the fact that the tree has been planted in the gardens of Europe since 1640. The protection was aimed at the preservation of the individual character of the trees.
The life of bald cypress spans about 70-80 years. The perimeter of the specimen standing in front of the hotel is 233 cm, its height is 23 m, while the tree in Szathmáry Király Pál Street has a perimeter of 280 cm and a height of about 22 m.


Bald Cypress

Szathmáry Király Pál utca
Miskolc 3519
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