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Avas Reformed Church

Avas Reformed Church

Above the city centre of Miskolc, on the side of Avas Hill the parish-church named Saint Stephen existed already in the 14th century, which was extended in 1411. Only fragments remained of the building – such as the ruin of the western tower, since the church was radically rebuilt around 1480.

The new building became a three-bayed hall church with reticulated vault, with encompassing chancel in the width of the church nave, closed by five sides of the dodecagon, with diversified foiled windows, with chapels on its northern side and with several rich Gothic details.

In its appearance the church has mostly kept this state without the side chapels; however its interior has considerably changed. Namely in 1544 at a Turkish offence the church burnt out, its vault collapsed. In the 1560s it was rebuilt already for reformed ceremony. The formerly existing slim, octagonal pillars were reinforced and transformed to square-shaped profile; a wooden ceiling was installed above the semicircular archway arched therein. The roof existing today was made also at this time.

Since this era the building had changed only slightly: subsequent to the demolition of the northern chapels and vestries the feretory was built around 1760, whereas the northern neo-Gothic vestibule was erected in 1816. The neo-Gothic reconstruction plan envisaging also a big western tower was not implemented.

The church can be accessed through the western gate as well, through the former tower bottom between the two chapels. The wooden ceiling supported by five high pillar pairs was constructed in 1778. Only indentations, bracing initiations remained of the 15th century arch. 11 pointed and two smaller round foiled windows are intact.

In the north-western chapel, at the bottom of the former tower a small exhibition demonstrates the history of the church. Several pieces of the painted furnishings from the 18th century can be seen here.

In the north wall several highly elaborated Gothic details from the 15th century attract our attention: the front gate opening from the neo-Gothic vestibule with a rich fillet-designed frame and iron covered wings in period style, a ciborium as well as the smaller coving door framing of the former vestry.

In the chancel’s wall the gravestones of the wife and the son of István Miskolczi, castellan of Diósgyőr are visible, originating from 1589. One of the main treasures of the church, the so-called royal tribune in renaissance style, decorated with intarsia from the end of the 15th century originates presumably from the Castle Chapel of Diósgyőr.
The collection of spires and weathercocks of the 17th and 18th centuries on the south wall is a curiosity, so is the „black chair” from 1735. The tribune’s crown decorated with pelican was made at the same period.

The Angster organ on the neo-Gothic western loft was built in 1895. In the church memorial plaques keep the memories of the great reformers, Mátyás Dévai Bíró and László Pálóczy.
The city’s oldest cemetery, the monument cemetery of Avas, is located around the building.

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Avas Reformed Church

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Miskolc, Avas-hegy
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