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Avas Bell Tower

Avas Bell Tower

The bell tower, built in 1577 in the place of the Saint Michael Cemetery Chapel perished in 1554, is one of the symbols of the city of Miskolc: also the well-known chiming rings from here.

The bell tower standing next to the Avas Reformed Church was built in 1577 in the place of the Saint Michael Cemetery Chapel perished in 1554.

On the facades of the blocky, square-shaped, corbelled out stone building with specific atmosphere, shingled water drips close the stone walls of mortar strip in two-floor height, above them a gallery with wooden balustrade and wooden arcade can be found. The tower is covered by shingled cone-roof. The tower’s clock signs the lapse of time in each quarter-hour by chiming.

The reformed church and the bell tower together with the surrounding cemetery of historical value – in which numerous old aesthetic tombs and the graves of famous citizens of Miskolc can be found – are the oldest and highly significant monument ensemble of Miskolc.

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Avas Bell Tower

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